Aplication for the greatest celebration of AEGEE20 is open!

- achievements of AEGEE & Europe towards integration over 20 years
- future challenges, priorities & opportunities
- 300 young people from all around Europe
- youth organisations that have shaped Europe, prominent speakers from European institutions, and from throughout Europe

Let's celebrate and shape AEGEE's and Europe's future!

Apply now!

I have applied:)
  • aegeek

Photo exhibition in Kaliningrad

Good news from AEGEE-Kaliningrad!
We manage to organize a good place for photo exhibition of AEGEE-members pictures from all over the Europe. It will be open in 1 month in this museum (unfortunately the information is in Russian only). And it will cost us practically nothing (1000 rubles for the refreshments, this is 30 euro) and that's it!
Great! 50 pictures from Europe, Mass-media, participants of Summer Event in Kaliningrad, local authorities!!! This was the best I can expected!
  • aegeek

Photoexhibition in Kaliningrad

During the Summer Event in Kaliningrad we are planning to organize photoexhibition. Now we have approx. 50 pictures, sent from all over the Europe. I did not know that AEGEE people are so talented. But they are. We are planning to organize this event from 24th to 30th of July in German-Russian house, which is very popular place for such events.
  • aegeek

The selection is ready!

So we selected all of t he applicants for our Summer Event! It will be 36 people, absolutely different and crazy! They are crazy, because they are coming to Russia:) I'm kidding! They are crazy, because they are AEGEE people:)
  • aegeek

36 applications for SE in Kaliningrad

Long long time I did not write to this community, as well as others:))
Now I would like to ask you, how many of you applied to SU?
Well, I have 36 applications on 20-30 places!
I did not expect so many interesting people will apply! But they did!
Not it's time for selection!
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Piter People!

I'm in Piter...write and play music...hang about in dodgy underground bars (po nacham)...sometimes with Strashniy Elvis (it's a long story)...
Would be cool to find..."YOU"...
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