Oleg (aegeek) wrote in aegee_europe,

RegMet in Central region

Just a few words about RM in Central region!
It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun! New friends, new people, new ideas and fresh members of AEGEE-Kaliningrad.
We started, 3 AEGEE-Kaliningrad members, from Kaliningrad to Gdansk, where we had a short sightseing. After that we came to Poznan, where AEGEE-Poznan organized pre-event - Olymp party! It was something! After this party next afternoon we came to Zelona Gora.
The Regmet was successful, this was a case where the needs in parties and serious things were balanced! What should I say? Perfect!
P.S. to Nekoshka, again I can tell you that the most beutiful place in Poland is Krakow:)
Regards from Warsaw, tomorrow I will be in Spain!
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