Oleg (aegeek) wrote in aegee_europe,

Project in Poland! Without Fee:)

>>> reAnimations - Students Culture Days <<<
when: 25-28 of
April 2005
where: Gliwice :)
it's our new project, I hope yearly one,
which main aim is to reAnimate
students culture, to promote active &
cultural pose :) , to show to our
students that "you can live without the net
& there is something more
interesting/important than a keyboard and beer
& that Gliwice it's very
interesting/cultural/nice city"... during 4 days
in Gliwice: plays,
movies & animations shows, concerts, fire shows, movie
& painting &
sculpture & drum & dance & stilted (hmmm I
hope so it's right word in
english) WORKSHOPS and many many more ..... are
you interested in ? let
us know  ... it's not organized AEGEE event (there is
no applications,
fee etc ...) but we have many places in our flats where you
rest/sleep :) ... so if you really want ... you are invited :)

the project idea was born (partly) on CWG workshop in Plzen (hot
greetz for
Ania & Asia)
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