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Following the steps of nekoshka, I'm in the middle of a serious campaign of telling AEGEE people about our LJ community :) And not only that, but to convince them of how great lj is and how they should get an account as well.

Unofrtunately, this is taking a while, but meanwhile I am pleased to notice some "annonymous" activity ;) Today I received a comment to my latest post in this community and, since it's meant for all of you to read, I will paste it in here.

Hopefully, the person who wrote it will get an lj account soon and will be able to post herself *cough cough* ;)

Here goes:

Hello! Too bad you missed the RM... We had great fun... Don't take my word for it, look it up at !

Love & Kisses, Sonia (AEGEE Cluj-Napoca)

Indeed you missed great fun, Carpathian rocks! :D As I'm sure every other region does :)
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